Bathroom Plumbing

New Pedestal Sink installed as part of a remodeling project

Pedestal sink installed in bathroom

Your bathroom is all about water and keeping it moving. Tub and sink fixtures, faucets, and pipes can spring a leak. Generally speaking, a quicker fix means fewer ongoing problems with moisture and mold. Andrews Plumbing has refitted bathroom plumbing, renovated bathrooms, and affected plumbing repairs many times. We have unclogged and repaired running toilets to keep waste flowing away from your home or business. Call us at 260-724-2980 BEFORE your small leak becomes a big problem.

Toilet Repair & Installation

If you are considering toilet replacement there are many options from which to choose. Some are worth the extra money, some are not. Andrews Plumbing offers professional toilet installation and repair, and can make recommendations on manufacturers and models since we have installed many different models. Repair services include clogged toilets, running toilets, and more.

Water Efficiency & Flushing Power

Modern toilets use up to 30% less water but may or may not have the flushing power to remove all waste to the sewer line in one flush. Current toilets must meet the maximum guideline of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Some environmental activists feel that it's time to lower that threshold to 1.28 gallons per flush. You can visit the WaterSense, an EPA Partnership Program or MaP, Maximum Performance, to see the results of their tests, and compare the flushing power of most toilets on the market. These results will differ from what retailers may use in their advertising. Be aware that some stores may use their own proprietary ratings which have nothing to do with these official testing sites and cannot be compared to other stores, WaterSense or MaP.


Many high-efficiency toilets are sold in two parts, with the tank and bowl sold separately. When components combine to make a WaterSense labeled product, tanks should include the words "When used in combination with [bowl model number/name]" in close proximity to the label, and similarly with bowl labeling. Only the combinations provided on the WaterSense Web site have been certified to bear the WaterSense label.

Traditionally, toilets have used gravity-assisted power to move waste and water though your plumbing and out to the sewer line. Some toilets will have no problems with this process, while others will struggle to move waste as expected. Some toilets will come with a pressure-assisted flush feature which infuses pressurized air into the process to insure all waste is removed. Pressure-assisted flushing usually costs a little more, and includes an unexpected noise factor.

Toilet Bowl Size & Custom Features

Themed Urinals

Card themed urinals

Other toilet options include toilet bowl size, round, traditional oval, or elongated. A toilet with a round bowl is a great choice for small spaces, the elongated is generally considered to be roomy and more comfortable than the traditional oval. When you choose to move away from the traditional oval, there are considerations. Toilet seats are not interchangeable between the three shapes, and sometimes toilet seats that fit the traditional oval offer the best selection of colors and materials. Regardless of the shape you choose, you should measure the rough-in, or the distance between your wall and the center of the drain, to insure no changes need to be made to your current plumbing. If a toilet installation kit is not included with your toilet you will need a wax ring, closet bolts, toilet connector, torpedo level, adjustable wrench, and a screwdriver.

Toilet height is another feature we see more and more. Traditionally toilets have been 15" tall. Current ADA standards at 17 - 19" tall and are sometimes referred to as chair height. Higher toilets are better for older people, or those who must transfer from a wheelchair or walker to the toilet. Some families opt for the higher toilet due to comfort or need.

When you see custom features like unique shapes and sizes, or proprietary flushing mechanisms be aware that those toilets will usually cost more to repair and that the part may only be available from the manufacturer at a premium price.

Professional Installation & Repair

Andrews Plumbing provides professional toilet installation and repair services. We have cleared clogs, and retrieved mystery items flushed down the toilet by adventurous children! Andrews is also willing to help you navigate the EPA standards, features, choices, and ins and outs of toilets to enable you to make a good decision on a toilet that will suite your family and existing plumbing.